Contents of scripts

accent -- translate dead-key accents to troff, tex etc. -- translate dead-key accents to troff, tex etc. (library)
bib -- format refer files for framemaker, latex, HTML etc.
bsort -- put fields of a refer file into a standard order
bu -- backup a directory -- library of standard HTML buttons
catpar -- extract HTML paragraphs for WWW catalogue -- image selection decoder
explore -- explore the WWW starting at a given URL
faq2ms -- convert a faq to -ms file (for input to ms2html)
framechars -- escape ascii characters with special meaning for Frame
hget -- get an html page from an http server
hl2html -- convert hotlists to HTML -- execute htbin scripts
led -- a locking editor for shared files
ll2html -- convert (standardized) language list to html
ll2mml -- generate MML file from The Language List
ms2html -- convert (pseudo) troff -ms text to HTML
ms2mml -- generate a Framemaker mml file from a troff-like document -- recognize, parse and retrieve URLs -- query a file of HTML paragraphs or a refer database -- query a file of HTML paragraphs (Version for Plexus 2.2.1)
pr2html -- produce an indexed list of files in HTML
pre -- produced pre-formatted HTML text
psfilt -- translate various PostScript files to EPSF
quote -- convert double quotes to matched pairs of single quotes
r2b -- convert a refer database to a BiBTeX database
rdiff -- merge of two files with diffs marked by > or <
rec -- join multi-line records and split them
rgrep -- extract records matching a pattern from files
rnew -- extract new & changed records from old & new versions
rsort -- sort a file of records
rsplit -- split a file of records into two parts by a keyword
shar -- make a shell archive
stdll -- generate a standard record format from the Language List
tz -- tar, compress and uuencode files and directories
tzls -- list contents of a compressed tar file
tzx -- extract an item from a compressed tar file -- recognize, parse and retrieve URLs
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